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  Read a letter from Mr.Gallacher, UFAF Executive Vice-President, to Mr.& Mrs. Rine


Mr. Rick Rine

Master Rine began martial arts training in 1978.   He received his 1st Degree Black Belt in the United Fighting Arts FederationTM in 1981, having been personally tested by UFAFTM Founder and Chairman, Chuck Norris.  He received his Certified Professional Martial Arts designation in 1994, and received the 1994 UFAFTM Studio of the Year award.  He was promoted to the 7th Degree Black Belt by Mr. Norris in 2010.  Rick is a member of the Region 6 Black Belt Testing Board and is the highest ranking UFAFTM Black Belt in the Tri-State area.






Mr. Rine with some of his black belts after his recent promotion to 7th degree.
Front L-R: Miki Marino, Donna Sullivan, Mr. Rine, Karen Rine, Tina Elliot
Back L-R: Mark DeAngelo, John Frankovitch, Corey Upright, Mark Marino, Jay Scopel