3936 Kings Creek Road
Weirton, WV 26062
rkrine @ comcast.net


Ken Gallacher
Executive Vice President, 9th Degree Black Belt
4045 S.Spencer Street, Suite B-28, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rine
55 Hemlock Lane
Weirton, WV 26062                                            July 29, 2008

Dear Rick and Karen,

Thank you for sharing your talents and skills with the United Fighting
Arts Federation during this year’s International Training conference.
You, both, have always willingly stepped forward and shared your
abilities when called upon to do so by our great organization. And,
our organization is great because of the service of dedicated
members like you.

Also, Rick, I thought you did an excellent job of judging for the Black
Belt Sparring Championships. We appreciate your maturity and
strengths when it comes to split second decisions.

I have heard great things about your studio from your Regional
Chairman, Clayton Ferguson, and, Tip Potter, a member of the UFAF
Board of Directors. I understand that you instill in your students our
greatest ideals of: Discipline, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect.


Ken Gallacher
Executive Vice President